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Location:- as yet not accurately identified

Brewery or Owner:-unknown

Peter May's book "Medieval and Tudor Newmarket" has this one recorded on his C15 map, close by the Griffin.
Peter May, in his "Newmarket 500 years ago" records that in 1472:
"Arthur Greysson, who in our roll is the landlord of the Griffin, the Saracen's Head and the Sword, by the time he died in 1479 had also acquired the Bull from Richard Motte; he left all four to his wife Margery.requesting her to pay the £92 still owing on the Saracen's Head and the Bull, and requiring the 'the said holding called le Boole with its appurtenances be annexed and joined to the aforesaid holding called le Gryffyn'."

This inn was in the area demolished to make way for the 1st Palace, around Kingston Passage and what is now (2023) Unico
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